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WebGL Rocket Simulation

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This project was created for my Introduction to Computer Graphics course as our final project. I worked in a group of three, and we completed project in a span of about 1.5 weeks. The project can be viewed at rocket.ameyathakur.com, although it is not optimized to be delivered over the internet (it uses large textures, etc). You can scroll down to see the controls.

Our formal writeup for this project is in the readme on Github.


This project was pretty difficult, especially since I had no prior experience with WebGL, and especially not with TinyGraphics, the WebGL library created for the course. Because there was no documentation for it, I was forced to learn it by reading through the library, which was an interesting experience. Overall, I definitely feel like I developed my engineering skills through this project, even though I doubt I will be using WebGL much in the future.